Specialized Dessert Knives for Every Table

A Dessert Knife For Every Table Setting

The dessert knife is slightly smaller than a dinner fork and positioned closest to the plate in a formal place setting as it’s commonly used during the final course. It’s a must for enjoying your favorite sweet treats.

Smaller knives evolved as cutlery became specialised for specific occasions or foods. These utensils are a little more ornate and are often sold in sets with a spoon and fork.

The Atlantic Brillant by Robbe & Berking

Timeless silverware sets leave a lasting impression – whether as a special gift or for everyday use. They are characterized by flowing transitions and harmonious lines. Many of these silver flatware patterns have become design icons and still inspire creatives today – just like the Atlantic Brillant.

The Atlantic Brillant stainless steel cutlery set is characterized by its interesting profile and balanced proportions resulting in an exemplary shape. The handles of this modern cutlery collection are slightly rounded and lie optimally in the hand.

The Atlantic Brillant menu knife rests comfortably in the hand and is one of the basic elements of any flatware set. It is smaller and more manageable than festive table cutlery but larger than starter and dessert cutlery making it ideal for every day use. It is made of high quality blade steel and culminates in a handle that fits perfectly in the hand. This elegant stainless steel cutlery design is available in a 24-piece set and can be extended with additional pieces.

The Grand City by WMF

Philadelphia is the embodiment of timeless cutlery with slender proportions that seamlessly blend into any table decor. This premium line is made from Cromargan(r) stainless steel 18/10 for exceptional durability, and its traditional riveted look is a mark of forged craftsmanship. With a perfectly balanced design, enhanced ergonomics and safe finger protection, this culinary masterpiece offers cutting performance that meets WMF standards.

Buffet to your own beat

Designed to match the rhythm of Asian cuisine, this premium knife set takes cooking to the next level. From julienned vegetables for stir fries to minced herbs or fileted fish, Grand Gourmet delivers impressive sharpness and durability, backed by Performance Cut technology. This chef’s knife is the ultimate kitchen tool, with versatile functionality to suit any kitchen and task. Its elegant stainless steel look is complemented by an innovative, seamless design for the ultimate professional cooking experience.

The Grand City by Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch’s porcelain, glass and cutlery collections set a premium standard. Their designs impress with clever combinations of functionality and comfort. They reflect the style and elegance of a modern country house style.

This stainless steel flatware has a sleek, classic design that suits any tablescape. It’s made from heavy-gauge 18/10 steel, so it has a nice, balanced weight. We like the way the handles feel in our hands, and it’s easy to keep clean. The only drawbacks are that the knife blade is a bit pointy (it might gouge toast), and the spoon bowls are too elongated for our liking.

This 64-piece set from Villeroy & Boch is a good choice for those who want something that matches almost any dinnerware pattern. It includes a salad/dessert fork, dinner fork, table knife, and dessert/oval soup spoon. We love the way it looks with our favorite neutral, white dinnerware. It’s also the least expensive set in our test.

The Grand City by Sambonet

With a classic design and balanced weight, this set works well with most types of place settings. We particularly like the way the knife handle slants out at a dramatic angle, which provides good leverage for cutting and is stylistically interesting.

But some testers found the handles a bit too thin and stiff, and they weren’t a fan of the small fork tines or spoon bowls. The rounded knife blade also looked too much like a butter knife and made some people worry about kids using it.

The Grand City is available in a wide range of arrangements, so you can choose just the pieces that work best for your table. You can also personalize your flatware for a special touch. Sambonet is an Italian company with a German sense for precision and quality, which makes it the perfect complement to Rosenthal dinnerware. Its products are featured in the finest hotels and restaurants around the world.

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